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Pdf successful rotational atherectomy for an angulated. A short video demonstrating how boston scientifics rotablator rotational atherectomy system works. It also monitors and displays burr rotation speed and rotational atherectomy procedural time. Rotaglide is a lipid based emulsion designed to lubricate the rotablator system. Rota wire guidewires are designed specifically for use with the rotablator rotational atherectomy system. Rotational atherectomy ra can be useful in the treatment of these lesions. Rotational atherectomy for instent restenosis core. Rotational atherectomy systems rotablator and rotapro rotational atherectomy systems. The ccode used for this product is c1724, catheter, transluminal.

Rotablator rotational atherectomy system boston scientific. Over 3 decades of clinical experience and research, techniques have. Current status of rotational atherectomy sciencedirect. The rotablator system console regulates the flow of air to the advancer, controlling burr rotation speed. Rotational atherectomy ra is an established tool in interventional cardiology for treatment of calcified coronary lesions. Preparedness to manage complications remains paramount and recommendations for operators and institutions are outlined.

The rotablator system offers multiple burr size options for predictable lumen size. Request pdf on mar 1, 2020, keisuke yasumura and others published rotational versus orbital atherectomy for treatment of diffuse coronary in. Once in the guide catheter, many operators prefer manual pushing to introduce the burr. Pdf european expert consensus on rotational atherectomy. Breaking up the plaque restores blood flow to the heart. As a result, ra has become less aggressive, using smaller size burrs and lower rotational speeds. Open epub for a new era for rotational atherectomy. In elderly, diabetic and renal patients, there is an increased prevalence of calcified coronary disease. Atherectomy rotational, directional, or ablational lasercatheters are designed to remove plaque.

The console may be powered by both nitrogen and compressed air. Pdf the interest in rotational atherectomy ra has increased over the past decade as a consequence of more complex and calcified. Rotational atherectomy for peripheral artery disease. Clinical cases in coronary rotational atherectomy springerlink. This debulking strategy, used as a standalone procedure or concomitantly with pta, has not improved the results of pta alone for infrainguinal intervention. In a rotational atherectomy, mount sinai heart interventional cardiologists use a revolving instrument to break up calcified plaque that is clogging a coronary artery. Some operators use the dynaglide facility rotational speed 70000 rpm to. A strategy of routine rotational atherectomy has not, however, conferred reduction. Rotational atherectomy an overview sciencedirect topics. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. Rotapro rotational atherectomy system boston scientific. Successful rotational atherectomy for an angulated calcified lesion in an anomalous right coronary artery using the motherandchild technique. Over 3 decades of clinical experience and research, techniques have matured and outcomes have improved. Pdf rotational atherectomy ra is an atheroablative technology that enables percutaneous coronary intervention.

The rotablator rotational atherectomy system features the rotablator advancer. Laser atherectomy systems use a highenergy light beam to vaporize plaque. Rotational atherectomy ra was introduced nearly 30 years ago in order to remove coronary atheroma by debulking as opposed to conventional plain old. Features the frontcutting, stable rotation of a diamondtipped burr recognized by physicians as an optimal device to ablate calcium in coronary arteries.

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