World's biggest whitetail deer record book

The bucks curiosity kept it in place long enough for ewen to get the gun working. Record alberta whitetail deer photographs hoaxslayer. The 27yearold farmer and avid deer hunter from gallatin, tennessee, shot the deer with a muzzleloader in november. Looking at the last 10 years, for typicals, eagle, garfield and archuleta counties are the strongholds with 18, 16 and 11 entries respectively. Based upon fossil evidence and some excellent cave paintings, this impressive species is believed to have stood up to 2 m at the shoulder, and bore enormous antlers in the male that could. The buck, now known as the missouri monarch, was officially scored at 333 78 points and was recognized as the new worlds record nontypical whitetail at the boone and crockett clubs 1983 awards program. This article is reprinted from boone and crockett clubs 22nd big game awards book with permission of the boone and crockett club, 250 station dr. Tuckers kill is the deer story of 2016 and maybe the deer story. Thats how much people love to hunt, eat and cherish whitetails while the primary reason we hunt the majestic animals is for food, we also cant help but become fixated on a truly giant whitetail when we see one.

The biggest deer ever record was a 412 pound whitetail, shot and killed in 2005 in pennsylvania. Over the years, ive handled and written about all of the worlds very biggest whitetail racks, and i realize that the overall greatness of a buck isnt always reflected in his actual score. The top 40 typical and nontypical whitetails of all time. Brewster took the buck in edgar county, illinois with his bow on nov. The club is dedicated to preserving our hunting heritage, scoring and keeping big game records, maintaining hunter ethics, and furthering conservation education.

Tennessee man breaks world record with 47point buck. The current world record typical whitetail is the famous hanson buck, which. Whopper whitetails some of the biggest bucks in the wild. And if youve never heard of this deer, youve got some catching up to do. Oklahomas biggest cy curtis recordbook bucks archive. The biggest typical whitetail bucks ever entered into the. This doe must have hit the genetic lottery with a series of big buck sires in the females of her family tree. Found by a railroad crew in portage county, ohio, in the. For years researched showed the heaviest whitetail deer on record was killed in minnesota by carl lenader in 1926 and weighed 511 pounds. However, the current world record for a typical whitetail deer is listed by boone and crockett as an animal bagged by milo n. The biggest typical whitetail bucks ever entered into the record books. It was sometime around 1899 when john plute looked down the iron. The boone and crockett club judges panel at the 22nd big game awards program declared my buck the new worlds record typical whitetail with a final and official score of 258 points.

It is truly a oneinamillion animal, the biggest of the big. The biggest typical whitetail ever to walk the earth. A bow hunter bagged a world record nontypical mule deer that the saskatchewan wildlife federation described as a deer of a lifetime. Safari club international record typical whitetail. What is the largest whitetail spike on record answers. Pick a category and a wisconsin whitetail is sure to be among the top 10. The end result is the 8thlargest typical whitetail of all time. The whitetailed deer is the most treasured big game resource in north america. The deer apparently died of natural causes and had an amazing rack with 44 points.

The outdoor life book of world records outdoor life. This might be the new world record whitetail meateater hunting. Fans of recordbook whitetails know that wisconsin has long been a producer of worldclass bucks. What are the highest scoring whitetail bucks of all time. Some versions of the message claim that the deer was a worlds record rather than just an alberta record. When 15yearold tony lovstuen pulled the trigger of his muzzleloader on the afternoon of sept. Not only did milos trophy handily beat the whitetail that had been the worlds biggest typical for. In fact, the antlers of this monster buck are so massive. Stephen tucker, 27, of gallatin, tennessee shot a 47point buck that is a contender to be the worlds largest huntertaken whitetail of all time.

Tennessee hunters 47point deer breaks world record the. The club is dedicated to preserving our hunting heritage, scoring and keeping big game records, maintaining hunter ethics, and furthering conservation. When this giant buck stepped out, ewen was still messing with his rifle. Deer killed in sumner county to be certified a world record.

Beattys 304 68 greene county buck, which is the biggest whitetail ever taken with a compound bow, dave ross staterecord nontypical crossbow buck scoring 233 38 also from greene county, heather martins butler county deer at 204 18, the record for the worlds largest deer taken by a woman and david lovins butler county buck, which was the states muzzleloading nontypical record at. More hunters chase this abundant animal more than any other in the country. Antlers shrink as they dry, so official measurements. For example, most serious antler connoisseurs, myself included, feel that the net 202inch john breen buck from minnesota, shot in 1918, is the best. A collection of fascinating facts about the biggest, longest, fastest, strangest, oldest, highest, heaviest, stupidest, coolest and best in the world of hunting and fishing. The 5heaviest whitetail deer ever killed on record. Rock springs, ar a 5 year old arkansas girl has broken the world record for the largest deer ever killed on the opening day of deer season. Dennis bennett took the buck in the arm river region of. Record book be damned, this is a onceinalifetime free range. Please practice handwashing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. The story of the top whitetail ever shot is as great as the deer. It puts out the most and biggest record mule deer bucks of any state in the country. The biggest typical whitetail bucks ever entered into the record books your jaw will drop when you see the size of the biggest documented typical whitetail deer. By bernie barringer hundreds of factors must come together in one shining moment for a buck to reach world record caliber.

Biggest nontypical whitetail ever killed by a hunter. What may be the biggest whitetail deer ever harvested by a hunter was taken august 25 at the apple creek whitetail ranch in gillett, wisconsin. The johnny king buck is the biggest typical whitetail of all time, according the northeast big buck club, a group that uses the same measuring system as the prestigious boone and crockett club, except that nbbc does not use net scores in its final tallies. Found dead by some railroad workers supposedly, the deer we are about to touch on is a king of kings. Its legend to all those who spend time thinking about giant whitetails. The 4 12yearold buck was shot by apple creeks owner, scott follett, and green scored 547 inches.

What is the world record for the biggest deer shot answers. Tennessee native stephen tucker set a new record in 2016 with a 47point trophy whitetail. The largest species of prehistoric fallow deer was the aptly named giant deer megaloceros giganteus, also known as the irish elk on account of many fossil specimens having been found in ireland. A long line of big antler genetics must funnel down through the generations into one female deer. This deer is one of the biggest that i have ever seen and one that could hold the record for a very long time. The 4 biggest mule deer kills in the record books mule. Whopper whitetails the biggest bucks on record grand. The biggest typical whitetail bucks ever entered into the record.

Largest prehistoric fallow deer guinness world records. Tuckers whitetail had an amazing 47 points, but its final score and whether it qualified for a record would have to wait until this month. Take an inside look at the milo hanson buck, a monster 12point that scored 2 58 in 1993, and still sits atop the boone and crockett clubs record books as the largest typical whitetail in the. What are the highest scoring whitetail bucks of all time i have been a trophy whitetail deer enthusiast for 25 years, and have been fascinated with the largest whitetail bucks ever killed for a long time. Here is a list of the biggest mule deer kills by hunters, according to the safari club international record book. I recall reading an article as a teenager about a deer shot in anson, maine in the 1950s weighing in at over 400 lbs and noted as the world record for largest whitetail. After the required 60day drying period, the official entry score of 320. Whopper whitetails the biggest bucks on grand view outdoors.

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